24 May 2014

New Orleans Praline Pound Cake

It's been a while since I baked a sweet cake ... a beautiful cake ... a pound cake ! This is a variation of a typical pound cake recipe that I found in a cook book by Nick Malgieri. The man knows how to tempt me. I should learn not to take cook books to bed for browsing before sleep. The idea of this cake kept rattling around in my head before I dropped off last night.

20 May 2014

Asparagus Tarts with Lemon and Cream - IHCC Potluck Week !

Today's lunch came right from the pages of Nigel Slater's Notes From the Larder.
June 1st entry on page 230 ... thank you very much!

15 May 2014

Cooking With Nigel ... Rice and Grains

The constant push to get away from pasta products has made me branch out and look for more rice and grain recipes to sub in for my beloved noodles. Nigel has been so helpful ... he does like a good bowl of rice, a good rice pudding, a nice side of pearled barley, stewed lentils ... et cetera !

09 May 2014

An Aside ...

The jaunt to the nation's capital has been inspiring and daunting. Our feet are tired, but our spirits are high. We marvel at the level of openness of our society. I also am extremely proud that our nation provides such a cultural center for the world to share along with its citizens ... free of charge. Where else can one see a DaVinci, the Magna Carta, Dorothy's ruby slippers, our nation's most revered documents - the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, incredibly intact archeological artifacts, gems and minerals, the original set of Sesame St and Julia Child's PBS cooking show, portraits of our nations most famous historical figures, and thousands of other wonders  ... just by choosing a museum of interest and walking in ?

Thank goodness, the Smithsonian Institution was established and supported over the years ... it is a phenomenal foundation and after spending a few days here in Washington DC, SB and I are really proud that we have been members and supported the SI over the years.

We have also decided that the evening views of the major monuments are stunningly beautiful. Last evening, we took a bus tour around the city and stopped to enjoy the sights ... with about a million other tourists.

06 May 2014

Virtual Supper Club ... A Jump on Summer Indulgence

May's Virtual Supper Club theme asks us to contemplate 'our favorite indulgence' ... and I am here to tell you that come May, my favorite indulgence is jumping the season to grab onto summertime seafood, fresh summertime vegetables, corn that I have stockpiled from last summer and placed in the deep freeze, and light citrus zest and juice to make a tribute to what's coming full speed in the next few months!

03 May 2014

IHCC - Here's to the Taters, Nigel!

... 500 grams of tiny Yukon Golds ... a Nigel Slater recipe ... a tasty side dish for baked cod ...

This week's challenge from the I Heart Cooking Club was to find a  root vegetable recipe from Nigel Slater's vast collection of work. I have been enthralled by his potato recipes for the past few weeks, so I thought I'd extend the tater love and go for one more goodie!