25 October 2022

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie


What started off as a nimble way using up small bunches of ingredients in the fridge turned into a real revelation.  Meet Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie ! Slide these out of their pie pans and right onto the plate. They hold their shape beautifully ! Side them with baked sweet potatoes.  Have small bowls of sour cream and spicy hot salsa for dolloping on bites of the pie and you have a really delicious meal !

17 October 2022

Avocado Toast - Easy Lunch or Breakfast

An easy and healthy lunch here in The Spice Garden today ! You're probably saying, " Really ?! Why is she posting such an easy recipe ? Aren't we all 'over' the Avocado Toast scene ?" 

16 October 2022

Traditional Frikadeller ... Danish Comfort Food !

 So ... this is a recipe that I have had for several years. This summer, I was hot to use it while cooking over the fire on one of our RV jaunts and it was stellar ! Last evening, I had the right combo of ground pork and ground beef to do it again, albeit on the stove at The Grey Cottage and NOT over open fire. It was still really delish !