28 December 2015

Ukrainian Beet Borshch and Pampushky

Christmas always brings me at least one new cookbook and this year was no exception! My traditional first recipe from most of the cook books I get is a soup recipe. This is, perhaps, the result of looking to use leftovers from the Christmas food shopping fest or maybe just a rustic reaction to all the rich food we consume during the holidays. Soup seems simpler, less caloric, and less stressful to create.

14 December 2015

Kipferl for Christmas

It's almost Christmas and I have been so busy that I haven't done much cookie baking ! Until today ...

12 December 2015

A Birthday Cake !!!

Yesterday was a perfect day! In the midst of all the business of getting Christmas preparations made around the house and working with the children of the church to put on a Christmas pageant and trying to clean wood dust and dust bunnies from the corners and mantlepieces and finding the Christmas decorations and, and, and ... the day came to celebrate my birthday!