15 January 2023

Decadent Raspberry Cheesecake


Oh, the decadence of this gorgeous cheesecake was just overwhelming ! It was birthday week here at the Grey Cottage. Our lovely daughter-in-law had a birthday on Monday and Silent Bob had his birthday on Saturday. Bookend celebrations ! We opted to choose Friday evening to celebrate over a dinner here, so I was tasked with creating a super duper cake. Since traditional birthday cake is not Brianne's fave, I opted for this special cheesecake. Super rich filling that has Grand Marnier added to it, a crust that is graham cracker and ground pecans, and perfect fresh raspberries over top a thick raspberry jelly smear. It was picture perfect with a final dusting of confectioner's sugar ! 

07 January 2023

Roasted Chicken with Arugula Cream

This dish is such a dinnertime lifesaver. It's a meal for a busy day. It's a meal for a time when you want a solid meat and potatoes experience. It's got a killer dipping sauce that is so addictive that you'll be thinking of other meat dishes to make that will incorporate the arugula cream. It comes straight from food writer and 'cooking goddess', Diana Henry. 

04 November 2022

Maple Pecan Scones for Two


Scones tend to dry out and become heavy if you don't knosh them fresh from the oven. Am I right ? This batch gets eaten in one sitting, as the entire batch is four regular sized scones! 

25 October 2022

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie


What started off as a nimble way using up small bunches of ingredients in the fridge turned into a real revelation.  Meet Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie ! Slide these out of their pie pans and right onto the plate. They hold their shape beautifully ! Side them with baked sweet potatoes.  Have small bowls of sour cream and spicy hot salsa for dolloping on bites of the pie and you have a really delicious meal !

17 October 2022

Avocado Toast - Easy Lunch or Breakfast

An easy and healthy lunch here in The Spice Garden today ! You're probably saying, " Really ?! Why is she posting such an easy recipe ? Aren't we all 'over' the Avocado Toast scene ?" 

16 October 2022

Traditional Frikadeller ... Danish Comfort Food !

 So ... this is a recipe that I have had for several years. This summer, I was hot to use it while cooking over the fire on one of our RV jaunts and it was stellar ! Last evening, I had the right combo of ground pork and ground beef to do it again, albeit on the stove at The Grey Cottage and NOT over open fire. It was still really delish !

14 July 2022

Grammy Lindquist's Blueberry Cake with White Vinegar Sweet Sauce


It's blueberry season on Gap Mountain and the first batch came down from the blueberry patch yesterday afternoon. Every year, SB tends the bushes by cutting away brush to encourage the sun and rain to tend the berries ... and not the weedy brush. The pay off is great when nature provides the right amount of sun and rain, no late frosts arrive to freeze the blossoms, and no dry spells settle in to wither the tiny berries.

This years promises to be a bumper crop year! Huzzah ! 

06 April 2022

Cherry Almond Biscotti


Chilly grey day ... baking to warm up the kitchen and give SB and I a nice, crisp snack to have with a cuppa this afternoon.  The days of baking sweets once or twice a week have long gone. I'm convinced that we appreciate cookies more, now that they are truly an infrequent treat.