20 January 2020

'Clear the Fridge' Fried Rice

Fried rice. For me, it serves a few purposes. It's my Asian comfort food. It serves as a way for me to use up left over roasted meats and small amounts of fresh vegetables that need using up. It makes a big batch that makes eating easy when I have other projects that are going to butt in on my cooking time. It goes together quickly when I really don't feel like doing a lot of cooking for dinner. I figure it's all in there - meat, veg, carbs, spices. What else do you need, I ask ? Enough said.

This batch used up that duck from my previous post, some bacon that needed to be used up, the last of a bag of carrots that needed to be used, and scallions that I always buy and then strand in the veggie drawer. It was delicious when I put it all together. Easy dinner with a glass of wine. 

15 January 2020

Super Easy Roasted Duck

Our belated New Years Day dinner ... we had so many leftovers from Christmas week and News Years Eve that we could NOT in good conscience cook another major meal. That being said, I couldn't wait to try this really easy recipe for roasted duck. My plans are to have slices of the breast with our roasted potatoes and green beans with almonds for dinner this evening and THEN pull the rest of the meat from the carcass and make stir fried rice with duck and bacon at the beginning of the week.