20 April 2015

A Birthday Coffeecake ... and a Dream

A post about a pretty perfect birthday or breakfast coffeecake and a wonderful dream .....

14 April 2015

Pansies and a Pear Tart

Oh, Spring! At last, you seem to be rearing up and stretching your arms! Blow your breezes and bring on your showers! We are so ready for open windows and clean sweeps!

07 April 2015

An Aside ...

What did I ever do without pizza and red wine ? I ask myself that whenever I have an evening when dinner menu planning falls by the wayside and I'm left to putting something satisfying on the dinner plates. Fast. That's when a warm fire provides a good spot for a bowl of dough, and the cutting board becomes the stage for a series of pizza toppers. A glass of red wine and the evening news on the radio  becomes the backdrop for ... pizza.

What's your go to meal? For us it's either pizza or a chicken Caesar salad ... and there were no fresh greens in the house tonight.

So, it was Donna Hay's recipe from one of her cookbooks ...