27 February 2015

Apricot and Ginger Scones

Let's just say that I got my daily dose of fat and sugar all at one time today. Afternoon tea was pretty darn decadent! You can't go wrong with light fluffy scones, real butter, and apricot preserves. A pot of Lady Grey tea rounded out things nicely.  Honestly, just looking at this photo makes me want to open my trap for a big bite!

24 February 2015

Tarte Nougat-Pommes

Oh! The pictures I have for this post! There was something about the slightly sweet and lemony apples and the slippery, sugary almond nougat that made me grab my camera and really document this incredible tart ... and it all started here ...

23 February 2015

IHCC Potluck - Building a Healthier Meatball

It's been an age since I've participated with the bloggers that belong to the I Heart Cooking Club. I don't really know why, as I've certainly been cooking along with the Diana Henry theme plus getting a few recipes in by Yotam Ottolenghi, Nigel Slater, and Giada de Laurentiis. In fact, yesterday, the kids came home for an easy Sunday supper of spaghetti and meatballs that came straight from Giada's webpage.

20 February 2015

Banana Walnut and Chocolate Chip Muffins

This winter is shaping up to be a real marathon affair. This morning, I knew we'd need  some sweet starts to the mornings this weekend, as there will be MORE SHOVELLING to do. New England is bracing for one more significant snowfall and I am whining already! And just as I whined my way through making these muffins, the mail arrived and I had two small parcels to cheer me up - a postcard written by Sprout Kate regarding a cheery breakfast at the Neue Galerie's cafe and posted on on a lovely painting/card by Egon Schiele and a parcel that contained a book by Tasha Tudor called The Springs of Joy from my dear friend, Diane! No more whining ...just cheerful thoughts of loved ones that cared enough to pass the joy on ...

06 February 2015

Virtual Supper Club - Chocolate-Hazelnut Thumbprints

This month, the Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club honors Oscar-nominated films and this girl has gone straight for the Chocolat ! Or is that chocolate? Well, a bit of both, I suppose!