08 July 2010

Gram Lindquist's Blueberry Cake with Vinegar Sugar Drizzle

Hurray for blueberries! As we speak, Silent Bob has gone off to Gap Mountain to pick wild blueberries! This week, there will be blueberries for jam, blueberries for muffins, blueberries for salads, blueberries for yogurt topping, and blueberries to munch like a handful of peanuts. Today, though, it is still quite warm, so I'll make us a quick and easy blueberry cake that SB's mother always made with the first of the berries. I'll save making jam for tomorrow morning ... early ... before the heat builds in the kitchen.

This is a simple yellow cake that is loaded with berries and then drizzled with a warm vinegar syrup. Strange, but true! I love this recipe because it is the ultimate for easy and accessible ingredients - a true farmer's cake. My sister-in-law Eva swears that the cake batter makes equally good muffins and hey ... it does look just like a muffin batter!

The treatment that Gram gave it, though, with the vinegar sugar drizzle, was summertime perfection!  It is light and tasty with a glass of milk ... just the dessert treat for light summer suppers. Enjoy!

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk! Pickin' berries reminds me of my favorite summertime children's book,  Blueberries for Sal.

Punchline: Gram Lindquist's Blueberry Cake with Vinegar Sugar Drizzle


  1. looks wonderful Susan... I love your photography. can't wait to read more now i'm a follower!

  2. Love the hand mixer - it looks like an antique. I've never owned one - just leave the Kitchen Aid stand mixer on the counter year round - or let it go with lumps. Do you use yours often?

  3. Haha! Kay! It's the only mixer I have and I've gone through at least three handmixers over the coarse of my cooking career. I've always wanted to win a Kitchen Aid, but I have no luck with drawings, contests, etc ... and my kids aren't well off enough to 'gift' me athe Holy Grail of mixers ... oh well.


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