17 May 2011

Cream of Broccoli Soup - Rainy Day Lunch #2

Another rainy day, just as Silent Bob predicted. Today, I perked up a bowl of soup with posies from my garden ... so cheerful, don't you think? The light was really nice for colors today ... cloudy but bright light at the kitchen window. Soup today uses up broccoli and a bit of cheese along with some carrots and onion. An easy soup ... with crackers and cheese, it makes for a nice lunch.

I have a good book going  ... it's doubtful that much more will get done today. Enjoy your day! I'm headed for the couch, a blanket, and my book. With a belly full of warm soup, I'll probably take a nap too. Yawn ... that's what rainy days are all about in the grey cottage on the hill. What can I say?


  1. You couldn't ask for more than a good book and a tasty bowl of soup on a rainy day. Sounds perfect to me.

  2. No offense Susan, but I'm glad you're getting as much rain as us, lol! We haven't had the best weather here. I just love the photo! Wow! It's perfect. Your posies are gorgeous, the whole picture is gorgeous. Not fair that you got to enjoy your book though while I had to work. Sigh............ :o)

  3. I love your rainy days meals, they really are perfection. Also, it's great to use up some ingredients you have on hand to make something so yummy :)


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