05 September 2011

And the Winner Is ...

... the names went into ... what else but a mixing bowl

Congratulations, Vicki! Burdick's Chocolates headed your way! Thanks to everyone who popped in to say hello and congrats on the 100th follower post! It's the little milestones in life (actually attained!)  that make for a momentary 'puff up', a smile to oneself, and then, a sigh. Now, on to higher ground!

Reeni and Vicki have treats headed their way! And I'll have to think about the next little goal ... and the next fun giveaway!



  1. Congrats Vicki, enjoy your chocolates!

  2. I've been away and somehow missed this giveaway...Burdick's chocolates are so amazing!!! Especially the little mice. Maybe I can enter for the 200th follower?


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