16 January 2013

January and the 'Must Make' Soup List ...

If you take a look at the sidebar of The Spice Garden this month, you'll find my personal 'must make' list of soups. I am finding such inspiration around the web and from my friends' foodblogs! I'm also digging around in my cook book collection looking for some new inspiration. I invite all of you, dear readers and friends, to make your own list of  'must make' soups ... and post a few! I'll be looking around the web all month. By the time February arrives, I'm hoping to have a whole list of soups for experimenting with for the rest of the winter!

Last evening I made a beautiful lentil soup with kielbasa. The recipe came to me from the Food Network's overview of Ina Garten's cooking show. My only change was to add more onion because I did not have a leek in the pantry. I also halved the recipe, as I am wanting to make other soups and don't want to freeze or have too much leftover soup sitting around the house.

This lentil concoction was just what SB and I needed, as we continue to fight off the flu bug and the hanging-on cold that accompanies the virus. When one is ill, a bowl of soup is just such a blessing. It's easy to prepare, fills the lungs with steamy relief, and can be made in bulk so that the time in the kitchen is decreased and the time on the couch or in bed under covers is increased.

This morning, it has snowed. It's just so beautiful in the woods around the grey cottage! That leftover soup will be our warm and steamy lunch ... January really IS a perfect month to have a ubiquitous pot of soup on the hob, don't you think?

So, here's to soup! Get crackin' on your list and enjoy the steamy comfort!  Come back soon to see what's coming up next in my soup pot!

See the link for Ina's Lentil Soup in the sidebar ...


  1. I love soup and yours looks fabulous. I like your idea of a must make soup list, but when it comes down to it (which is quite frequent as we eat a lot of soup), we just make it with whatever we have to hand and never have the same thing twice. The downside of this is that we can never recreate something we've particularly liked - hey ho!

    1. Haha! True innovators! I do tend to go by some recipes, but we do have those 'slumgullion soups' that are thrown together too!

  2. I just put some turkey in the pot... and thought let me search for a new soup recipe.
    I'll let you know what I find!

  3. It s definitely the season for some heartwarming soup Susan. I also see that my soup is on your list and that you tried it. It is is always nice when someone is inspired to try our recipes. The others on your list sound amazing.

  4. My must make soup list for winter includes : Chicken Soup, Minestrone, Black Bean and Pumpkin, It- never- tastes- the- same- twice Vegetable Soup, Lentil, Lamb Stew. I could live on soup alone!

  5. Great idea to create that list and this is a beautiful looking soup. I guess I'm somewhere between you and Choclette. Some of my soups are thrown together hotch potch style and others are recipe based. I do find that recipe based soups taste a little more structured which can be both a positive and negative thing. I will be compiling my list too. Soup is great diet food and a big batch can last a couple of meals!

  6. I am going to make chicken posole tomorrow. It is nearer to a stew, I think. I made pork posole and loved it. Like your list.

  7. Mouthwatering blog! Congrats on it.

  8. My sister makes a great lentil soup. And now I'm inspired to try to make it, too!

  9. I love lentil soup, nutritious and delicious! :)


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