23 April 2013

Random Recipes - Cathy Rothwell's Teryaki Sirloin Tips

It's that Random Recipe time of month again! Every month, our cyber friend Dom gives us a new way to find a recipe from one of our cook books that we might not have seen, might have passed over, might have been afraid to tackle, might have ...

This month, Dom has challenged us to use his random number generator thingamabob to come up with a random number that corresponds to one of the books on our cookbook shelves; we are to open that particular book, make the recipe, and then "eat and of course, enjoy" ! My number is 128. Well, counting the books on the shelf brought me to the first of two of our family cookbooks - these binders hold recipes that I have diligently saved over the years from family, friends, magazine articles, newspaper slips, labels, etc. They're the one's that I have tried and loved and made the commitment to preserve. I have slowly transcribed them to word files, printed them out, placed them in waterproof plastic page liners and placed them in the huge binder/cookbook - they're there for all time! Anyway, flipping to a random page, I came to my friend Cathy's recipe for sirloin tips - her shiny, sweet, tangy, juicy steak bites.

This recipe is all about the simple marinade. I always soak the tips all day - for flavouring and tenderizing purposes. Then, I make slivers of onions and green peppers and give them a fast stir fry in the wok while I use a grill pan to sear these tips (or if the weather is nice, I grill them) to a perfect medium-rare. It's simple, but so wonderful! Sometimes, we have the tips with steamed jasmine rice and an Asian vegetable side dish, but at other times we have them with roasted spears of sweet potato and a simple salad. However you make them, I hope you enjoy them!

Cathy Rothwell’s Teriyaki Sirloin Tips

One day before you want to grill these, make the marinade and place the tips in a zip-lock bag. Seal and massage the tip with the marinade. Store the bag in a bowl in the fridge and give the meat a toss and a squeeze every now and then during the day.

Grill to medium-rare for the best and most tender chew, brushing the steaks with some of the marinade while they cook.  Sprinkle on the scallions and sesame seeds and serve hot from the grill.


½ c. soy sauce
¼ c. brown sugar
½ c. orange juice
1 large clove garlic minced
1 tsp. black pepper

1 – 2 lbs. sirloin tips or steak of your choice


scallions, sliced into thin coins
sesame seeds, toasted

Accompaniments: Green pepper and sweet onion strips stir fried in peanut oil, black pepper and ginger root and garlic aromatics.

Note: If you choose to use a steak for this marinade, don’t forget to poke it all over with a meat fork to let the marinade really work its way into the slab of meat.


  1. I need to try this as last week I made these and my husband thought the meat was too tough (he likes it well done - his fault):)

  2. Someday I will join in, it does sound like a fin way to actually use the cookbooks on our shelf. I love to buy them but I often turn to the internet for inspiration.

    1. I have such a collection too, Val! I do use my cook books a lot, though, as I rotate a few out of my study and onto my cook island in the kitchen ... right now, it's all about Ottolenghi's Plenty and Kenney's Big City Cooking and Spanish Tapas

  3. This looks fantastic Susan and I totally am with you on marinating the meat all day - secret to flavorful moist meat. This is completely my kind of meal and love the onions and peppers with. LOVE!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  4. I have yet to be able to fine steak tips here in Kansas! The stores just don't sell that cut of meat. This summer I plan to go to the local butcher to see if he does, or can cut them for me. I love teryaki steak tips! Now I'm determined to make them since this recipe sounds wonderful.

    1. Try buying a whole sirloin tip and sliceing it yourself

  5. Asian flavor and steak goes together nicely. I like that there is sesame seeds and scallions too. It's also a pretty looking dish.

  6. Oh my goodness. I had quite literally made this sauce for some tuna I'm going to eat tonight when your email came through... how spooky! Love the look of this with steak though. What an excellent random recipes pick. Thanks so much for playing along this week xx


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