21 May 2013

We Should Cocoa - Mango Chocolate Mousse

It couldn't get any easier than this ... a blender mousse that's healthier than the traditional version! What's not to love? I happened upon this recipe when I was searching for chocolate pudding recipes ages ago ... it has lingered on my 'favorites' bar for weeks. I found another chocolate pudding recipe for a pie that I needed to make, but this mango chocolate concoction sat patiently waiting. The chocolate cream pie has come and gone, but I still yearn for a small bowl of creamy custard goodness now and then!

This month's 'We Should Cocoa' mango challenge has bumped it off the computer and into my fridge! Tra la!  Perfect for a fast dessert on a hot day ... or a dinner that is fussy, but requires a little sweet something for dessert. Make and enjoy! With a layer of whipped cream and a slice of mango for embellishment, it's an easy dessert with a fresh look.

A special thanks to Shaheen of Allottment2Kitchen. Her challenge to pair chocolate and mango flavours has jogged my memory of this easy recipe and made think anew about mango as an ingredient! This is not a fruit that I normally nab at the market. but it's cool, slippery, tangy sweetness has really captured my imagination this month! And thanks also to Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog for the monthly We Should Cocoa challenge!

Darlene Schmidt’s Bittersweet Chocolate Mango Mousse


200 g. bittersweet chocolate, broken into small chunks ( I use 60% cacao bittersweet)
2 tbsp. brown sugar
Pinch salt
⅛ tsp. ground cardamom
1 large egg
Chopped flesh of two large mangoes
1 – 14 oz. can coconut milk, unsweetened

Making the Mousse:

  1. Break the chocolate into small chunks and place it  in a blender container.
  2. Measure 1 cup of the coconut milk and place it in a small saucepan. Bring almost to the boil, stirring to assure that it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan.
  3. Pour the hot coconut milk over the chocolate and let it sit while you measure in the brown sugar, cardamom, and salt. Whiz to melt the chocolate and make a warm chocolate milky mixture.
  4. Quickly, while it’s still hot, break the egg into the mixture and whiz to combine. Add the rest of the can of coconut milk to cool down the egg/chocolate and continue whizzing.
  5. Drop the mango pieces in and continue whizzing until a smooth fluffy pudding is formed.
  6. Pour the mango mousse into small dessert bowls or into a pretty dish. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours to allow the mousse to ‘set up’.
  7. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream and pieces of fresh cold mango sliced into small bite-sized pieces.


  1. Oooh Susan that looks divine. What an excellent idea too. Never heard of blended mousse before. So ceamy and frothy !!

  2. Now that sounds like a perfect summer dessert and something delicious that can be whipped up quickly is a much appreciated bonus. I have bookmarked this and next time I get my hands on a decent mango or two, I shall be making it. Thank you for entering this into We Should Cocoa.


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