17 June 2013

Monday Morning ...

The sun's out today ... and there's a breeze. What a beauty of a day; I should be feeling full of vim and vigor, but I'm not. I am feeling like a cat that wants to laze in a sunny spot on the floor. I just came in from puttering in the herb garden and fertilizing a few of the flower baskets and planters ... trimmed the basil back and then felt the urge to have a late breakfast ... so here, we have it.

A second cup of coffee and a good book in a sunny chair on the porch ... that's as close to being a fat cat in a sunny spot on the floor as I'll get.

What do you have for breakfast ? I'm prone to coffee and toast, but sometimes I like a bowl of rice with butter and salt and pepper, or sunny-side-up eggs and a glass of orange juice, or this little tomato salad.
Especially if the herbs are fresh and the tomatoes are really sweet ...

I wish I liked oatmeal or omelettes or pancakes enough to wake up with a real urge to leap out of bed and rattle the pans, but I don't. I'm more of a 'slide quietly into the day' kind of girl. I like to putter around emptying the dishwasher while the coffee brews. I like slogging around the house with my scuffy slippers watering the plants and talking to the dogs and cats. I like working my way into the day at a sedate pace, sniffing the herbs, poking around on the computer, leafing through the mail, thinking about a few things that I really want to accomplish during the day. The days of multi-tasking and ramming willy-nilly from housework to job to after-school activities with the kids to making dinner to folding laundry at ten at night are gone ... and I am eternally thankful.

Mondays are finally just what I want them to be - relaxed and definitely NOT manic ... but I still like the song.


  1. That's my kind of breakfast! Mr. Rosemary swears that there's no such thing as "not a morning person." I'm sure I am!

  2. I love vegetables and cheese for breakfast!

  3. oh hello.. you describe the start to a perfect day here... and the perfect breakfast!

  4. What a gorgeous photo, Susan. You asked about the focaccia. The dough never rose. Because I bake so much, I knew it wasn't me, so I went back to the recipe, which came from Bon Appetit by the way, and belatedly read the comments. Sure enough, everyone who reviewed the recipe had the same problem. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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