05 August 2013

Two Words ...

One Last ....

Blueberry Pie ...

Lovin' Summertime !


  1. Love summer and its bounty of fruits especially berries in all their glory!

  2. What a gorgeous pie. The crust looks so brown and delicious. Your salute to loving summer looks like a hit to me. XOX decoration is fantastic as well.

  3. I want a slice! I miss picking blueberries in New Hampshire. I haven't seen a pick-your-own place here in Kansas, but I buy a lot at the farmer's market!

  4. Ok, first your pie looks amazing! Love the XOX on the top. Why in the world is it your LAST blueberry pie!!! Finally, HOW in the world did you keep the blueberry from not bubbling up on top???


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