06 September 2014

An Aside ...

The quilting obsession is humming right along, thank-you. This is the latest completed project - 'Contrary Wife' quilt pattern, made into a fifty inch square lap quilt with a zigzag 'prairie points' edging.  I'm loving the blue, gold, and white palette ... and can't decide if I want to convert this to a wall hanging for my living room or use it as a couch quilt.


  1. This one is definitely display-worthy! My advice is to hang it until you make another you love enough to display and then take it down and start using it. I have a curtain rod on the wall in my living room and swap quilts out as my mood or the seasons change.

  2. I have no idea what you've written but I love it.. LOVE paisley (probably because I had my teenage years in the 80's) and I love the orange trim... gorgeous!


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