27 October 2014

Fast Supper for a Busy Night - Reuben Bake

So ... my friend Deni posted a link to a Taste of Home magazine recipe for a quick baked sandwich take on the classic Reuben. Get this. Two rolls of refrigerated crescent roll dough, corned beef, a bag of briny sauerkraut, a package of Swiss cheese, a slather of mayo/ketchup and sweet relish, and caraway seeds to herb up the top crust. You spread one package of crescent roll dough in the bottom of the pan and bake it for about ten minutes. Then, you layer in the Reuben makings - half the cheese, corned beef, well-drained sauerkraut mixed with the dressing, the rest of the cheese, the second roll of crescent roll dough, and an egg wash with the caraway seed sprinkled on top. Bake, slice, and gobble with a cold beer ...... totally satisfying when you have to eat and run ! I was wishing that I'd thought to fix some baked sweet potato fries to go with the sandwich, but that just might have been overkill - right?

I halved the recipe's filling ingredients, but kept the use of both rolls of crescent roll dough. I crammed everything into a 9-inch square pan and SB and I each had two squares. There was still enough for lunch for SB the next day. That was perfect, as SB was out hunting in the morning and wanted a warm 'something' for his lunch when he came in from the back woods.

Sometimes, quick fix meals really hit the spot, don't they? Check out how easy this is! The one thing I will say about the Taste of Home recipes is that you have to watch the ingredients lists ... there can often be processed foods included in ingredients lists. They're there as time-savers. That's all well and good, but the minute processed foods get into the mix, one has to watch out for the salt, sugar, and processed filler ingredients. That being said, these recipes are good for making an easy meal once in a while ... enough said. The link below takes you to the recipe I used for the Reuben Bake ... enjoy!


  1. There was a time when I always ordered rueben sandwiches for lunch in restaurants.

    1. Val, I still do when I know the corned beef is lean, the sauerkraut is not canned, and the rye bread is marbled and has caraway seed! Can't go wrong with a Reuben and a cold beer!

  2. Reuben sandwiches are my favorite - this looks fantastic!


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