10 November 2014

An Aside ...

No flying geese here ... little red birds flying around the garden of kitchy 70's calico patches. I've worked up a quilt for a friend who gifted me these patches from her deceased sister's closet. I decided to use her sister's blocks to make a memory quilt for Tracy and will give it (back) to her at Christmas. She will have a nice reminder of her sister.

Little Bee enjoyed sniffing at the birds. He is turning into quite the mischief maker. Has to be right in the middle of all activity. I am learning to shuffle my feet around the kitchen so I don't tread on his little feet and tail.

My friend, Susan did a nice job of the free-hand machine quilting on the leaf border ... The central lattice stitching was an easy way to secure the central quilt blocks. So ... on to the next project! Think I'll bake some cookies first, though!


  1. What a beautiful aside...and quilt. My blog on Tuesday is an aside as well. Nice to take a blogging detour once in a while.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes! Taking a little detour now and then has helped me change up The Spice Garden a bit here and there ... and reflect on the other things that interest me in my little life here in my rural backwater ...

  2. I love this... it's such a beauty, as is the little cat x

  3. What a lovely thing to do for a friend - I think memory quilts are so special. I love what you've done with the birds too. A fresh baked cookie is well deserved!


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