01 December 2014

A Baker's Dozen Foodie Finds for Christmas 2014


Thanksgiving comes and goes ... and while we relish holding on to the memories and Thanksgiving Day leftovers for a few days, there's no denying that Christmas preparations kick into high gear within days of the carving of the turkey and the brief pause to reflect on our blessings! That being said, here is a fun selection of gifts that you just might find fun for giving to the favorite foodie in your life. Wrapping things up in creative fashion is always part of the fun too ... check out Charm Bracelet Diva's website for a fun Christmas post on wrapping and decorating!

I had such fun scoping the Internet for some of these ... and of course, you KNOW that most of them fit my interests. I'm only hoping that my taste reflects just a bit what others in the blogging world think is fun and worthwhile...

So check it out ... and have fun finding that perfect gift for the one you love! I've had a ball 'window shopping' ! The Internet is a wonderful place to spend a few dollars without all the hassle of traffic and lines ... and for some of these items, the support remains 'local'. See what you can do in your neck of the woods! I've included links for each of my finds, just in case you REALLY like what you see!

Have fun and be imaginative ...

Setting a nice table is important, don't you think? 

Everyone needs a good muddler for making the crush for cocktails or the paste for pesto ... right?

Is saffron an herb  or a spice? Whatever, it lends a distinctive flavour and a vibrant color to Mediterranean and Indian dishes ... and finding a good source is worthwhile!

Who doesn't love a little vintage fun for conversation starters and for stepping back in time a bit ?

Good beans are a cook's special trick in the pocket ... having a good selection is just the best !

Christmas calendars ... because good wall art that you can change out at the end of the year is so cool!

Supporting the local beekeepers is just a good thing to do ... with a sweet outcome, to boot!

Hello sweet treats !!!! Need I say more? Even if you just oogle, this book is worthy of a look/see!

Sunday brunches will never be the same after playing around with a waffle iron ... just sayin !!!

It's always nice to have fine quality extracts for the baking day foray! Nielsen-Massey fits the bill.

How gorgeous is this fabric? I ask you ... so traditional, but so very classy.

A good sip of digestif makes a special meal all the better ...what can I say? Time to branch out, folks!

These wooden trays offer endless possibilities for breads, fruits, holiday decoring and tablescapes.

NOTE - No perks came my way in posting the links for the products in this post. Darn it!

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