25 January 2015

An Aside ...

I started another scrappy quilt yesterday ... my beloved Ohio Star pattern. Sooner or later, I will have to buy enough fabric to make the offset squares, though. I want to use the strip piecing method to make 16-block squares of calicos, using that golden color and some of the colors in the patterned scraps to carry through the quilt. Each of these squares are 12 inches finished. That makes for a quilt that will grow quickly in size when I begin putting things together.

While I piece these blocks, I'm also putting together that Pinwheel quilt face. I have more than 200 squares of 7 inch pinwheels to lay out this week and begin putting into strips. I'm thinking that the Pinwheel quilt will be a queen sized affair ... wish me  luck on that!

As usual, Little Bee had to be right in the middle of everything, as I trimmed up the squares and took pictures. What a little busybody!

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