07 April 2015

An Aside ...

What did I ever do without pizza and red wine ? I ask myself that whenever I have an evening when dinner menu planning falls by the wayside and I'm left to putting something satisfying on the dinner plates. Fast. That's when a warm fire provides a good spot for a bowl of dough, and the cutting board becomes the stage for a series of pizza toppers. A glass of red wine and the evening news on the radio  becomes the backdrop for ... pizza.

What's your go to meal? For us it's either pizza or a chicken Caesar salad ... and there were no fresh greens in the house tonight.

So, it was Donna Hay's recipe from one of her cookbooks ...


  1. I always love your 'asides'

  2. Pizza is always welcomed at my house.We eat a lot of grilled pizza in the summer. So delicious and easy on the grill.


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