07 August 2015

An Aside ...

Our wax and green beans, our tomatoes, our chives, local corn ... summer's bounty!

Easy dinners come my way in the summer ... tonight's a simple plate of Spanish rice and beans with browned butter and almonds. Meatless, full of vegetables and perfect with a cold glass of Albarino.

What easy meals are you making at this time of year ?  I could always use some new ideas for using the garden produce!

1 comment:

  1. At this time of year my favorite meal is a nice piece of cheese, a slab of artisanal bread, and veggies fresh from the garden...or in my case farmer's market. Cherry tomatoes, peppers, cukes, whatever I can find. Plus a ripe peach for dessert. I like what's on your plate. Reminds me I haven't made Spanish rice in a long time.


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