14 February 2016

Apple Roses For My Sweetheart ...

It's St. Valentine's Day! I know this is a day for romanticism, but I am a pretty pragmatic gal. A man's got to eat, so he might as well eat stuff that he likes. Finding a sweet and romantic dessert that plays well with the day's lovey-dovey theme is pretty perfect. To boot, this recipe has been floating around the social media scene for the past few weeks and I've been curious to see just have 'easy and tasty' this website's recipes really are. So here we go ... I called up Tip Hero and followed their minimal directions to make these pretty little Apple Roses.

Let's just say that these are really easy to make, but they are a bit messy. The jam oozes out of the pastry as the flowers are rolled up, so be prepared to run a knife around the outer edge just a minute or two after they come from the oven ... or they will be stuck hard. The directions didn't say anything about spritzing the muffin pans with pan spray ... do it.  I did on six of the eight. It made all the difference and it worked wonders.

I drizzled more jam on the top of the roses before baking too ... and sprinkled the top surface with cinnamon sugar.  Then into the oven for the full 35 minutes at 375 degrees F. The whipped cream is in the fridge . Dessert this evening will be delish.

Here's the link ... thanks, Tip Hero !!

Here's my ingredients list:

2 large Empire apples, cored, halved top to bottom, and thinly sliced
2 c. cold water
juice of half a lemon
1/2 c. spiced peach jam with jalapenos (you can use apricot, apple jelly, or plain peach jam)
1 box of puff pastry sheets (2 sheets/box)
cinnamon sugar for shaking

Oven spray for the muffin tins


Use the video tutorial to make the pastry roses.

Remove from the muffin pans two minutes or so after coming from the oven.

Let cool for several minutes before sprinkling with confectioner's sugar.

Happy Valentine's Day !!!


  1. These are so yummy and flowers are so beautiful!

  2. So pretty! My daughter made these for Thanksgiving dessert - you are right when you say it can be messy:) - I'll let her know about using a muffin tin spray.


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