26 March 2016

A Quiet Saturday Morning and Hot Cross Buns

All week long, I've tried to make these traditional rolls ... it's just been one thing after another and tangled schedules that have kept me from the kitchen work table and oven. But ... this morning ... it was an enforced quiet that made me stop. Stop. SB left early on for a men's breakfast at our little church. The dogs napped in the sun and I found myself smack dab between the darkness of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday.

It was time to make the batch of hot cross buns ... a spicier batch than I've made in the past ... big ones. Buns large enough for a cup of tea or coffee. Buns that won't disappear in a couple bites.

Buns scribed with a crusty cross that reminds me of the hard, hot trip from one plane of existence to another - the softness of life to trial by fire and pain to a sweet victory. There is great symbolism in these Easter treats and it's a lot more than a sumptuous release from the denial of sweets that many take on during the Lenten season. I know many readers may bridle at the obvious ('bang you over the head') nature of this post. That's okay. We're all on our own path, but I'm smack dab in the center of a path to rejoicing ... and these sweet reminders were my Holy Saturday way of moving closer to the real deal.

Happy Easter! Be ready for the joy in the morning! Have a hot cross bun with your coffee and marvel at the sweetest victory ever!

To make the hot cross buns that you see here, visit King Arthur Flour's website here ... it's a time-consuming recipe, as there are two rise times, plus time for soaking the fruit, softening the butter and bringing milk and eggs to room temperature, but I will say that the effort's worth it! It may have been time consuming, but the eggs got a dye job while I made the buns and the Easter lamb got a marinade slather  and I had a quiet time that was appreciated!

Thank you King Arthur for emailing this recipe to my Inbox!


  1. Happy Easter Susan. I hope your day is special.

  2. Ahhhh -those look wonderful!

  3. they look wonderful and yes, they do take a few rises but it's well worth the effort. Happy Easter x


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