07 June 2017

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Oh My !

Sometimes you just have to make a good old-fashioned pie. Strawberries and rhubarb combine to make a pie that feels like Aunt Bea just took it off the windowsill in Mayberry. It's such a vintage treat !

 My rhubarb patch is starting to really produce some good thick shoots. It's two years old at this point and seems to like the location where I planted it! Huzzah! Yesterday was the day that I dodged raindrops and went to cut some for some pie baking. I was hoping for the perfect filling consistency, after looking all over for recipes for a good strawberry rhubarb pie. Jackpot !

This is a King Arthur Flour recipe and I used flour as the thickening agent. KA has some other fancier product that they use, but they did include the flour measurement for those who don't have their pie enhancer or whatever they call it.  I loved their idea of using cookie cutters to make a pretty design of the top crust! They suggested stars, but hearts worked for me. We sliced into the pie for afternoon tea time ... and hallelujah, the juices were perfectly thickened and sweet. At last! A pie that isn't soupy!

What a nice Springtime tradition ... just sayin'.  Here's the link for the recipe ... I'm feeling lazy today and don't feel like transposing.

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  1. strawberry and rhubarb... just an EPIC combo. So pretty xx


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