16 January 2010

Food For Thought

Kate spent a few days with us this week and when she comes for a visit, we usually talk local food movement, food supply issues, CSA's, plans for gardens, antique dishes and glass, entrepreneurship in the baking/catering industry, baking recipes ... you know, foodie stuff. I love it, because Silent Bob is a wonderful husband and all, but he doesn't have a real gift for jabber and I DO love to chat! Kate indulges me, as a good daughter should!

This last visit she brought me a news link  and a DVD documentary that she uncovered when doing some research for an upcoming job interview ...

I share them both, because I think they are worthy food for thought. The DVD can be harsh in its look at the way we raise our food and has some scenes that may disturb. Kate and I wondered how the filmmaker actually got permission to be present during some of the butchering and culling sessions within the meat harvesters' facilities. You will leave this film with questions and deep impressions about the mass production of our world food supply. See the link for a description of the film and further information on its production.

Our Daily Bread - A Film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

The New York Times article is an older piece that Pollan contributed and addresses important issues that our nation will be confronting in years to come. The clock is ticking and we (little ol' shoppers with money in our pockets and fingers on the voting machine tabs) should be advocating for a more pro-active role by government agencies, consumer watch groups, farmers, and merchants. This link will hook you up with Pollan's article plus other articles in the Times' special Food Issue... a worthy read.

Micheal Pollan - "Farmer In Chief"

Read, watch. Tell us what YOU think.

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