11 January 2010

Seasonal Schmeasonal ... A Salad Rant

Can we talk salads? I've just been cruising the Net looking at Chicken Caesar Salads and have run the gamut of those bloggers who detest them (and America's obsession with bad offerings at mainstream restaurants) and those who think they're the mainstay of the single person's 'go-to' easy dinner and a wonderful way of getting lean protein and good dark greens (hold the anchovy!). Whatever...

I'll freely admit that I love a good basic Caesar salad, as long as the ingredients are fresher than fresh. Even better? I love a Caesar Salad that is jazzed up a bit even more, which leads me to a question. If I add other ingredients to my Caesar salad does it change my Caesar salad into another type of salad? Does it become a Neo-Classical Caesar Salad? Pseudo-Caesar Salad? What?

MY Chicken Caesar Salad is a wonderful blend of perfect chopped Romaine that is washed and spun out in a salad spinner, slivered purple onions, gorgeous pitted black olives swimming in olive oily juices, garlic and butter toasted croutons, good quality shaved Parmesan (not grated), and bite-sized slivers of seared boneless chicken breasts that have been marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, and McCormick's Montreal Chicken Spice mix. I'd love to say I make the dressing fresh each time, but no... I use bottled dressing - just a drizzzzzzzle around the top of Ken's Steak House Lite Caesar (so, shoot me!) and copious amounts of grated black pepper (bigger flakes, thank-you!). My mouth waters just thinking about this salad. If you give me Ciabatta bread with a dipping oil (spinkled with kosher salt and just a bit of fresh minced rosemary) and big glass of Pinot Grigio with this salad, I will love you for life! Seriously.

I know that Romaine lettuce is NOT considered a seasonal green in New Hampshire this week, but damn! I want it and I want it right now! Who is on board here?

Note: Photos above are an Internet find... generic with no artist noted. Just tellin'ya!

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  1. Sprout Sara13/1/10 9:18 PM

    I had this for dinner tonight! Only I switched the lemon for lime, the Ken's salad dressing for Newman's Own Lighten Up! Caesar Dessing (apple doesn't fall far!), and the romaine for a combo of mixed greens and baby spinach... oh and I had some Samuel Smith's Organic Cider instead of the vino. But it was delicious! It certainly is my go-to single person meal!


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