26 April 2011

On- Line Bake Sale to Benefit American Cancer Society - Five Spice Cookie Cut-Outs!

I follow a lot of food blogs and as I become more involved in the blogging community, it seems that there is always an opportunity popping up to 'give back' a bit. The month of May will be all about cancer research fundraisers, the Relay for Life walks at places all over the US, and different church missions and services dedicated to helping those that struggle with cancer and its various treatment regimes.

Becky, a new blogging friend over at Baking and Cooking- A Tale of Two Loves , will be hosting an on-line bake sale on May 2nd. Her goal is to raise $1000 dollars for the ACS's Relay for Life fundraiser. For me, this is a no-brainer. Cancer has touched my family and I have lost a couple friends to breast cancer ... the least I can do is pony up a nice batch of cookies for bidding at Becky's bake sale!

For this fundraiser, I will be making Five Spice Cookie Cut-Outs with Apple Butter Cream Filling ...

This recipe makes a slightly crisp spiced sugar cookie that is sandwiched with either a light cream cheese and apple butter icing or a zesty lemon icing. Photos in this post show the cookies made with the lemon cream cheese icing. Perfect with a cup of coffee or a warm pot of tea!

Winning bidders will receive two dozen sandwich cookies plus the recipe for said cookies, boxed and shipped to their home within one week of sending in their donation via American Cancer Society's Relay for Life webpage. For this particular event, I will not be shipping international ... regrets to all my international blogging friends!

Please see Becky's link above for information on how you can support her in her Relay for Life! Thanks so much, friends! 


  1. Susan,

    Thank you so much for the shout out and your donation of those gorgeous cookies! Mark your calendars for Monday, May 2nd.

  2. Hi Susan - I am sorry to read that cancer has touched your life and claimed people you care about. I won't be able to join in as I live outside the US but I think you're putting the blogging platform to really good use and I admire your efforts. Hope you achieve what you've set out to do :)

    Btw - your cookies are really pretty and sound so delicious!


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