28 March 2012

Ina Garten's Garlic-Roasted Cauliflower

When one is trying to follow a Weight Watcher's regimen, vegetables are good friends! Consequently, I have been digging around for good vegetable and fruit recipes that are lighter and more diet friendly ... got a winner here! Ina Garten's latest, how easy is that?, has given me this newest approach to cauliflower.

I lightened up on the olive oil a bit and halved the recipe, so that SB and I didn't have our fridge smelling of garlic and cauliflower today. Dinner last night, though? Basque hake with peas and mushrooms and this wonderfully aromatic platter of Garlic-Roasted Cauliflower. make it ... I think you, too, will fall for it!

Garlic-Roasted Cauliflower for Two
adapted just a bit from Ina's recipe


1 small head of cauliflower
5 large cloves of garlic
2 tbsp. olive oil
Kosher salt and black pepper
¼ c. chopped flat-leaf parsley
2 tbsp. pine nuts, lightly toasted
Juice and zest of half a lemon (about 1 tbsp. juice)

Making the Dish:

  1. Wash and break the cauliflower into small florets. Place it in a deep bowl.
  2. Boil a small amount of water and drop the garlic cloves in for 15 seconds. Use a slotted spoon to remove the garlic, peel and smash the cloves, then slice them and add them to the cauliflower in the bowl.
  3. Generously salt and pepper the mix.
  4. Toss the olive oil in and toss to coat everything well.
  5. Lightly spray a rimmed baking sheet with some olive oil oven spray.
  6. Preheat the oven to 425° F.
  7. Arrange the cauliflower and garlic in one layer on the baking sheet. Scrape all the olive oil and salt and pepper out of the bowl and drizzle it over the mix on the sheet. Cover tightly with foil and roast for 15 minutes.
  8. Remove the foil and flip things around a bit on the sheet and return to the oven to continue roasting until the edges are golden brown and the house smells like a garlic factory… another 15 - 20 minutes or so.
  9. Meanwhile, toast the pine nuts, chop the parsley, and juice and zest the lemon. Have everything by the serving platter.
  10. When the cauliflower is tender crisp, toss the remaining three ingredients together with the cauliflower and garlic, let it sit in the oven for a minute or two to help release all the flavours.
  11. Scrape the vegetables and juices onto the platter and serve immediately.

Much small platter than Ina's, taste just as big ...


  1. I have always wanted to prepare roasted cauliflower; thank you for the recipe.

  2. looks beautiful but this is so painful... my second day of diet ended with Nachos in a Mexican restaurant and a JUG of Long Island Ice Tea... what's a boy to do?

    1. Stitch your mouth closed? I can laugh because I know the feeling ... for me it is the uncontrollable urge to eat pasta ... put it in front of me and I turn in a raving maniac. If it has a cheese sauce, sorry you've really lost me.

      But Dom, Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day!" So have at it tomorrow with some salad and veg juice ... and water, water, water!

  3. I love roasted cauliflower and done in this Italian style is just precious. trust Ina and you to flawlessly present these :)

    chow :) Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  4. Ina really has some winner recipes. I am dying to try the orange cauliflower I've been seeing in the markets. Great photos of your yummy veggies.

  5. This was a perfect way to make cauliflower. Covering with the foil part of the time prevented overbrowning. I did not have pine nuts, but did not miss them. We really enjoyed it, thank you. :-)


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