31 March 2012

Random Recipes - Lasagne di Pollo e Funghi Misti

Well, I'm feeling like the wedding guest that sneaks in the side door of the chapel just as the couple kisses and the congregation applauds! Quick! Someone give me a handful of rice, damn it!

This random recipe post has been one long search for the 'osso buco'  (my first and real random recipe) that is not here in my little New Hampshire backwater ... so I turned to another random page in the same cookbook and came up with a tomato mushroom sauce that is a main component in lasagna with mushrooms and chicken.

Number 17 ... a cookbook that is actually autographed by Stanley Tucci's mother ... okay, you do know of Stanley Tucci and his movie  'Big Night' ... right ? If ever there was a movie for the wannabe restauranteur,  'Big Night' is the movie to see and that's all I will say. Well, almost! The food is delectable, the relationship between the partners is priceless, the women are ... women. And please let the celebrity show up to oogle the spread put on in his honor! If you haven't seen the movie, rent it from Netflix and make an Italian feast in honor of those poor hapless foodies!

In the meantime, I started with a beautiful mushroom saute. I added white wine, fire-roasted tomatoes, and a bit of tomato sauce to make the Salsa ai Funghi. For this saute, I used portabella, huge white buttons, and dried oysters that were soaked to make a mushroom brine. The brine is reserved and added to the tomatoes and tomato sauce. The whole thing is simmered down to a thick earthy concoction.

So I had a sauce and needed to do something with it ... a chicken breast rubbed with sage and black pepper got a slow fry in butter and olive oil ... then a chop up.

To make a Joan Tucci's Lasagne di Pollo e Funghi Misti, one makes a besciamella sauce ( read Bechamel ), the tomato mushroom sauce, the seared chicken breast, and lasagna noodles. It all gets layered together with some Parmesan and chopped parsley, and baked to the traditional bubbly finish .

Then, make a salad, pour some wine, tune in to the Louis Prima , Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.  Enjoy  ... the next day, you can have leftovers !

I ate two servings while I pouted over not winning the latest super duper lottery cache! Buggers! I was SO wishing to cash in and head for Europe with my winnings! So much for random chances! Oh well, there's always Random Recipes!


  1. did they NOT read out your lottery numbers again?... and I was so looking forward to that culinary world trip we were going on!... this lasagne looks stunning but i'm mostly drooling over the wonderful mushroom saute pan of goodness... doesn't that just look drool-worthy! Stunning entry... thanks so much and don't worry about the lateness... you snuck it in and nobody knew anything!

  2. OMG I am so going to make this, I'm guessing even hubby won't mind the mushrooms. I'm adding it to my http://junkboattravels.blogspot.ca/2012/03/friday-favorite-finds-recipes_30.html finds for this upcoming Friday!!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting!

    1. Aw! Thanks! Just a note on the recipe ... I would add a little herb to the mushroom sauce ... some marjoram or oregano ... just sayin', it was a very mellow earthy flavor ... a little green would help it develop more. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Wow, this is power-packed with everything I love in a good pasta! I love meals like this where you assemble everything in one large dish and either bake or serve straight away.

  4. This looks really cheering as a dish - there's something really comforting about the way it looks. Sorry about the lottery. (Oh, and I have to confess that I really love osso buco as well so either recipe would do for me.)


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