09 February 2013

Two Words ... Short Ribs

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Short Ribs
Portabellas ... Onions

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Cozy Dinner

Beef Short Ribs with Portabellas and Onions
Serves 2


1 ½ to 2 lb. beef short ribs, washed, dried, and sprinkled with black pepper
2 tbsp. olive oil, divided
2 large yellow onions – sliced into ribbons
5 or 6 large portabella mushrooms - stemmed, cleaned, and sliced thickly
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 herbal bouquet – 4 sprigs fresh thyme, 2 large sage leaves, three whole cloves
1 brimming cup strong beef broth (reduced salt, if possible)
1 generous cup dry red wine … a rich Cabernet Sauvignon is great here
1 c. tomato sauce
½ c. water
Capicola slices to blanket each short rib
Water to add if the braising liquid cooks down too much

Wide pasta noodles
1 – 2 tsp. olive oil for tossing the noodles
Chopped Italian parsley
Grated Parmesan cheese
Kosher salt and black pepper to taste

Making the Dish:

  1. Heat a large covered oven proof pan over medium-high heat ( heat the slow cooker to a high searing temperature).
  2. Add 1 tbsp olive oil and the ribs, searing them until golden on all sides. Remove from the hot pan and let them sit on a platter.
  3. Add the second tablespoon of olive oil and the onions and mushrooms to the same pan, sweating them until they just begin to brown. Add the garlic and continue cooking for one minute.
  4. Place the herbal bouquet on top of the bed of mushrooms and onions.
  5. Pour the red wine over all and fluff it through the vegetables. Pour on the beef broth … enough to cover the vegetables.
  6. Lay the short ribs on top of the vegetable bed, pressing them into the vegetables a bit. The braising liquid should almost cover them.
  7. Drizzle the platter juices over top, and tuck a slice of Capicola over top each rib.
  8. Mix the water with the tomato sauce and drizzle it over top each rib and around the bed of vegetables. Sprinkle on a generous pinch of Kosher salt and some more black pepper.
  9. Cover the pan and place it in a slow oven … 225 to 250 °F (or the ‘Low’ setting if you’re using a slow cooker). Cook for 5 to 6 hours.
  10. Check the level of the liquid after a couple hours and add some water, if the liquid has fallen below the top surface of the vegetables.
  11. When the ribs are done, boil some water in a big pot and cook the pasta noodles.
  12. Drain the noodles and place them on a big deep platter. Drizzle with the olive oil, some parsley, salt and pepper.
  13. Arrange the cooked short ribs atop the noodles and top with the cooked mushrooms and onions. Drizzle the braising sauce over top all and serve with grated cheese for the noodles.






  1. They are two of the most beautiful words in the English language, Susan :-). These sound fantastic. Your photos today are wonderful. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  2. Very very nice. Keep warm, safe, and keep the wine flowing. It might be a very long weekend.

  3. Oh my, does that look amazing! When can I come for dinner!

  4. I actually just drooled. I'm not kidding Susan. I could dive into this head first and worry about a serious neck injury later. This looks amazing. A totally perfect dinner for a wicked night of weather.

  5. Perfect weather for a fabulous meal like that!

  6. Loved your presentation of this topic. Was nice to read.

  7. Comfort food is needed at a time like this Susan.


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