30 October 2013

Making Macaroon Sandwiches - IHCC

This week, it's all about the sandwiches here at the I Heart Cooking Club! Sandwiches, you say? Okay !

How about these little coconut sandwich cookies that make me sing that old chocolate bar advertisement jingle ... "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't ! Almond Joys have nuts, Mounds don't ... because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!"

I took this recipe from Donna Hay's cookbook called Flavours - the recipes therein are grouped in sections themed on certain flavours ... citrus, vanilla, chili, salt and pepper, basil and mint, ginger, garlic and onion, and chocolate. These lovely little macaroon cookies sit squarely in the chocolate section.

There are two flavours here that are such beautiful complements for each other that the cookie and the chocolate sandwich filling are kept simple - minimalism here works just fine! The cookies are ridiculously easy to make and just require your attention while baking so that they get that perfect golden color.

Getting them the perfect size requires you to be meticulous as you measure the dollops of dough when you're shaping them. It's that easy, folks!

Let them cool while you make the dark chocolate filling on the stove top. Then, gently press them together and let the filling 'set' ... there you have it! Hand out the chocolate bars to the little ones on Halloween and save these lovely tea sandwiches for a special Halloween celebration!

NOTE: I found that Donna's butter measurement in the filling was far too generous. That may have been because my butter was different from her test kitchen butter, but for whatever reason, I decreased the amount (after ruining a batch of the filling --- errgh!) to 1 tbsp. I also used light cream ... her recipe did not stipulate. Just sayin' ...

Donna Hay’s Chocolate Macaroon Sandwiches

Makes 16 sandwich cookies

Macaroon Ingredients:

3 egg whites from large eggs
¾ c. granulated sugar
3 c. unsweetened desiccated coconut

Filling Ingredients:

¼ c. light cream
90 g (3 oz.) dark chocolate chips or chocolate chopped to chunks
1 tbsp. unsalted butter

Making the Cookies:

  1. Whip the sugar and egg whites to a smooth frothy mixture. You should see smaller grains of sugar in the mix.
  2. Add the desiccated coconut andstir it together completely to wet all the coconut.
  3. Pre heat the oven to 350° F and line large cookie sheets (2) with parchment paper.
  4. Using a round 1 tbsp. measuring spoon and a knife, pack the table measure with coconut mixture.
  5. Turn the dollop out (round side up) onto the parchment paper and use the knife and the back of the spoon to shape it to a circle and pat it to about ⅓-inch thickness.
  6. Place the macaroons about 1 inch apart.
  7. Bake in the center of the oven for 10 – 12 minutes … this depends upon your oven. Set the timer for 10 minutes and look at them periodically to judge. The macaroons are done when they  are a beautiful golden color.
  8. Remove them and COOL THEM ON THE COOKIE SHEET … they must set up and they continue to color up just a bit after coming from the oven.
  9. When all the cookies are baked and are cooling, make the filling by placing all the filling ingredients in a small saucepan and melting over a pan of simmering hot water.
  10. Whisk the melted chocolate and butter and the cream until the mixture is smooth and shiny. Place the pan somewhere cold and stir periodically until chilled and thickened.
  11. Match the macaroon sandwiches by size and fill with thickened ganache. Place on a chilled platter and let the cookies ‘set up’.
  12. Serve on a pretty platter with a pot of tea.
  13. Enjoy!
  14. Store the remaining cookies in a closely covered container to preserve the moisture in the macaroons.

 My friend Sue B and I had lovely tea this afternoon!

Now it's time for you to check out the other sandwiches that Donna Hay has shared with the world. Check out the link to the others in the I Heart Cooking Club ... perhaps you'll find your next big thing! And you know ... you CAN join us if you wish!


  1. Wow these are stunning!!!
    Have a great day

  2. Now those are the kind of sandwiches my boys would love to see and eat! Your photos are fabulous. I know what you mean about butter...water content is always different and one butter varies from the next, sometimes a bit frustrating when you are baking. Your cookies look like the best that they could be, however!

  3. These look wonderful, light and chocolatey (both I love). A creative sandwich.

  4. I love coconut macaroon! And these looks so good with the chocolate filling! How I wish I'm having tea with you, enjoying a plate of these lovely coconut macaroons! Yumilicious!

  5. macaroons are my favorite! And when you add chocolate? I'm hooked. Your photos are just gorgeous.

  6. Wowzas! Nice job, mom! I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but I think I can get on board with these... :)

  7. I love your take on this week's theme! Your cookies look amazingly delicious.

  8. 2 of my favourite flavours coming together; chocolate & coconut….just delightful!

  9. Truly excellent sandwich choice. Actually I have that book, and I don't know how I came to miss this recipe, but I'm definitely taking it down off the shelf to bookmark it right now. I love coconut macaroons, and sandwiched together with chocolate ... well, that's just a marriage made in heaven.

  10. I love these. But am a little scared of making macaroons but you make it look so easy.

  11. YUM!! Chocolate and coconut. Thse look fantastic!! Mounds. Yes!!

  12. Oh, these look fantastic!! I haven't made macarons in ages but they never looked this pretty. Coconut and chocolate. How can you go wrong with that combo.

  13. Oh my...I your pictures of these macaroon cookies are so beautiful! I'd love to sit down to some tea and indulge in a few of these. I wonder if Donna uses that fancy European butter that is probably so much better than what we get here in the states. Either way, you figured it out because it looks like you mastered these :)

  14. Flavours was the first Donna Hay cookbook I bought several years ago. It's so pretty and inspiring. These little cookie sandwiches are so cute--perfect with a cup of tea for sure. ;-)

  15. Beautiful photos and a fun choice for this week! I love that dark chocolate dripping down the sides--I just want to grab one.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous photographs of baked goods. You are very talented - so say nothing of energetic. Wow! Call me "Impressed".


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