20 October 2013

Willow Manor Ball 2013 .... A Frolic in the Woods

Each year at this time, Tess Kinkaid hosts her annual ball at Willow Manor. It's an evening of fun, frolic, and fantasy that all are welcome to enjoy. Being a make-believe sorceress held prisoner in a middle-aged frumpy body, I always take great pleasure in transforming myself for the evening. Join me on my magical fantasy tour for just a bit ... right click the music links and you can listen to the songs as you make your way to Willow Manor. It's just a ways through the woods ... just out this way ...

The light's waning here in the grey cottage on the hill and it's almost time to walk a bit through the woods at the back and make my rendez-vous with friends for this year's ball at Willow Manor.

As I come closer to the riverside, my dear's, the willows, sway as I make my incantation ... the lone mourning dove will quiet her coo and flutter off as Willa and her sister, Flora twist in the breeze and slowly contort to their human forms. They have chosen lovely gowns for this year's celebration, don't you think?

Well, I suppose one can take the girl out of the tree, but as for taking the tree out of the girl ...? Sometimes it's best to leave the mother spirit well enough alone to manifest in her own unique way. I gather my skirts up, beckon the girls to join me and we make our way toward the riverside, as the moon comes up.

Hmm! Someone has been driving erratically here! It must by Johnny. He has graciously agreed to be our escort again this year, as long as he could come dressed as Barnabas Collins. I personally think he's just trying to one-up Vincent Price, this year's special guest at the ball ... but that's purely speculation. I'm not going to start anything with Johnny, as those nails could do real damage to my gown. I learned my lesson last year when Johnny escorted me dressed as Edward Scissorhands. So intense, but such a fun party animal!

A few further incantations and the wreck of a car is transformed.  Johnny has a way of coming up with the strangest of props and this car is just one more in a long line of bizarre junk that he has brought to me for transformation. Last year, it was all those blades and scissors and this year I get a junk car  ... sigh.

So ... off we go and the strangest thing happens, as we pass into the mid-west! The streets of the towns take on a strange cast, the light changes, there is a feel to the night air that is most unsettling.

Stopping the car at a packie, the music on the radio is decidedly from the past. There is a glow, but from what?  The Grey Goose martinis can't come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. Willa and Flora seem unaffected though. They twist and turn looking out the windows at all the sights and chat about things that make no sense to me ... Johnny takes a page out of Barnabas's book and complains of the bright lights. Feeling a bit testy, I urge him to stow the vodka and root beers for Willa and Flora in the trunk of the car, while I fiddle with an antiquated radio sitting on the front seat. No luck ... more old tunes...

Away we go, back into the night and closer to Willow Manor. Out past the city limits, the sky darkens, and there on the crest of the hill, sits a spectacular sight ... yes, that's definitely it! The line of cars is impressive, there is candlelight at all the windows, the clatter of cocktail glasses and chatter of happy folk.

Willa, get out the invitation and straighten your twigs! Our bumpy ride is over for the time being ... it's time for some music and dancing, and just a few martinis! Willa, are you sure you won't try something other than root beer? Johnny,  stop nibbling my neck! The night is young ... plenty of time for that after some dancing and sweet talk! All ready? Off we go!

My dress? Oh! My dress, yes! Let me just shake out the wrinkles, smooth back my hair a bit, and there ... ready for a close-up!

Now, about those martinis ...

And now, it's your turn to head for Willow Manor ... just click your heels three times and then click the link ... it will transport you to Willow Manor and the rest of the party ... see you there! Come clink a martini glass or two!


  1. Fabulous! Willa and Flora chose the perfect attire! Good luck with Johnny...sigh... You are simply stunning! A real head-turner of a gown.

  2. Oh! I so enjoyed ...wonderful to see you at the ball, Susan...I saw you outside taking pics of the Willow Manor Trees!

  3. I'm sorry I missed you. I couldn't get past the second tree photo.

  4. My dear you look divine. And your companions? Well, they've certainly perked up Uncle Vinnie. Look now, he's tangoing twigs on the dance floor. What's up with that? Another Martini, shall we?


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