28 December 2013

New Years Eve

What are you doing New Years Eve?

Since the adolescent years, that question has cropped up every year in the time between Christmas and New Years Eve ... and it's always been a loaded question. When I was a teen, I dreaded New Years Eve. If one didn't have a special person to share the New Years kiss with, one was pitiful. During the college years, New Years Eve was a time of complete alcoholic excess and loud ranting bedlam. During the young family years, it was a time of packing up the kids and travelling to family parties. Now, in retirement we finally have a real choice, but still there's always the question. What are you doing New Years Eve?

Do I admit that the last thing I want to do is get all dressed up and go lollygagging around someone's fancied up house drinking too much champagne and chatting it up over music that's too loud? Do I lie and say I have special plans when asked ? The truth is I don't have special plans and I don't plan to get dressed up. I don't want to get bundled and walk around outside in the cold at some 'First Night' celebration. I don't want to make a huge meal and eat at ten o'clock at night, dallying at the table for a midnight toast. I don't want to walk the neighborhood in a progressive Open House that ends with fireworks shot off the neighbor's deck and champagne toasts echoing down over the back yard. I don't want to have a huge family get-together with way too much food and drink and a massive midnight clean-up. I don't want to remain glued to a television special or movie fest. I don't want anything contrived  or falsely jolly. 

Nope. I just want a quiet evening with my favorite person in the world. That's all. This year, I want to stand outside in the quiet of the early evening with my arm around SB. I plan to look up at the stars and enjoy a quiet moment. Then, I plan to come inside, make a pot of black tea, warm plates of Chinese pork dumplings, chicken wings, spicy wontons, and fried rice, set out some cool Asian pickle and enjoy dinner. As midnight draws near, I plan to uncork a nice bottle of chilled Prosecco and sip away while playing backgammon. And at midnight, I plan to be fast asleep ... bringing in the new year peacefully.

So ... what are YOU doing New Years Eve? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy yourself just the way you like. I hope you enter the New Year full of peace and in the New Year I hope you have enough of everything that makes you comfortable and happy. 

Video Credit:  You Tube - What Are You Doing New Years Eve - Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt


  1. How good it feels, to be of an age where being at home with my other half, the dog and a nice log fire is all I need to be a complete human being on New Year's Eve.
    I feel sorry for those people who have to be gadding about to prove they are having fun. I know how it feels, as I used to be one of them!
    As it happens, we are being joined by another couple of friends equally at a loose end this year. We will probably play Monopoly after a nice, easy dinner, but none of us will be depressed if we don't manage to stay awake for long enough to let the New Year in.
    Happy New Year anyway !!

  2. Wow Susan, I could have written a very similar post to convey my feelings about NYEve :) We plan a quiet evening with an early movie out and the Chinese in. Early Happy New Year's wishes to you.

  3. Aw that was so sweet Susan! That's my kind of new year's eve too. It's fun to be on a rooftop signing crazy songs with a lot of friends yes, but the past few years I've just craved a quiet night in with a few close friends laughing about the past year and wishing I could be more productive in the next (never happens). An early Happy new year to you:)


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