31 December 2013

Tomten's Christmas Adventures - Part Two

It was quiet in the kitchen at the grey cottage. Tomten felt a little lonely being away from his friends Gnome and Joseph. The only thing catching his eye this early in the morning was the flicker of the flames in the woodstove. Master had come early to start the fire, as the winter cold had crept into the cottage over night, making everything cold and stiff. He turned the lights on and quietly made his morning cereal, then he went to tend the other fire in the living room ... brr, it was chilly!

Why, even the kitty walked stiff-legged toward the fire ! Opey sat close to the stove door, whisking her tail back and forth and turning this way and that to the warmth. After a bit of preening, she hopped into the rocking chair and settled down for a morning snooze.

Tomten felt happy to sit in his special spot and watch Opey snooze. It gave him a happy feeling to have his Animals come to keep him company and he knew that once Opey came to the kitchen, the Lady of the House could not be far behind!

Soon enough, she came into the kitchen, patted him gently on the head with her pointer finger, spoke a soft word, and began to make the the morning coffee. Tomten knew that the comforting smell of morning baking would soon begin! What would his Lady mix together today ? "Tomten, I think it's time to make a cozy coffee cake! What do you say we consult the cook books ? ", asked Lady.

Soon, Tomten sat amidst flour, sugar, and butter. His nose twitched with the tantalizing smell of spiced apricots and cinnamon. Before he knew it, there was a cake batter mixed and topped with streusel and marmalade, ready to go into the hot oven! Oh, the master of the House was going to be pleased this morning! Why, even Opey, the sleek clever kitty, jumped down from her perch, twitched her tail, and looked up at the cake pan with interest!

Lady popped her handiwork into the oven, set the timer, placed it next to Tomten's perch and dashed upstairs to get dressed and ready for her day.

Tomten stared at Tic Tock Henny and wondered if she ever tired of clucking in such perfect time. She certainly was very good at it! Soon, she had coaxed Tomten to hum little ditties along with her, keeping time perfectly with her click-clock click-cluck, click-clock click-cluck.

"Time certainly passes more quickly when one has fun with a friend!", gushed Tomten. Tic Tock Henny just stared ... click-clock, click-cluck!

Tomten didn't think he could be happier, when suddenly, up popped Opey on her little kitty paws! She twitched her whiskers, sniffed the air and padded slowly toward Henny with a curious air. Henny ignored her and continued her click-clock, click-clucking. Tomten smiled and winked at Opey, hoping she'd come close so he could look her right in the eyes! What a wonderful surprise for Tomten when Opey turned his way and leaned in close to sniff his hat and nudge his little shoulder! AND THEN? Oh, joy, rapture! Opey nuzzled Tomten's cheek and gave him one tiny perfect kiss with her prickly kitty tongue.

At that moment, Lady walked back into the kitchen, stopped to watch Opey's friendly nuzzle, and laughed. "Why Opey! Did I leave a bit of butter on Tomten when I was baking?" Opey sniffed and jumped down from the kitchen island, as if she'd been caught at a prank. Tomten knew there was no butter involved in that little exchange! He smiled to himself and felt like he was on top of the world!

Soon enough, Lady's coffee cake were finished baking. It sat on a plate beside Tomten and Tic Tock Henny.  Lady brought fresh holly in from the garden to decorate the cake. Then, she sprinkled some sugar atop the cake and stood back to look at the cake. "I think that will do, Tomten!", she exclaimed and off she went to putter at something new.

Master came sniffing about the kitchen and swiped a small wedge before it had cooled completely. He popped a warm bite into his mouth and then stopped to look at Tomten. "Poor little man! You need a treat too! ", he chuckled. " I have just the thing!", he said, and he popped out of the kitchen.

A moment later, Master came back with a little candy cane that was just the right size for Tomten to grasp. "Merry Christmas, little Tomten !" whispered Master, as he tucked the candy cane into the crook of Tomten's arm. "There! Now you look festive! Happy New Year, little friend!" Tomten thought he might bust with joy!

Late in the day when the candles were lit and the dark pressed in on the grey cottage, tea time was a tasty affair. Out in the cozy kitchen, Tomten sat and hugged his candy cane close, savoring his morning adventure.

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  1. i do enjoy hearing about totem and friends adventures. I hope the tales continue into the new year.

    Happy New Year to you all.


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