16 March 2014

An Aside... Getting Back on the Horse

Know your fishmonger ... I thought I did. Friday night was a hellish experience after cooking these little beauties ... I was so excited. Washed them well, debearded them, rapped each to check for them for vitality. Steamed them in a lovely dry cider and cream sauce ... knoshed them. And in the middle of the night ... felt like Hell.

Know your fishmonger. It will take a while before I brave mussels again, but I will cook them again. 


  1. Did SB get sick too? There is a horrible stomach bug going around.The kids at school are dropping like flies. My brother thought he had food poisoning but the DR. said it was a bug. Either way it will be awhile before you have mussels, What a shame.

    1. SB was very queasy during the night, but didn't complain like me ... I was the honored host ... ess ... so to speak. I think I got the million dollar prize on my plate ... UGH.

  2. Sorry to hear that Susan. Mussels are too good to cut out of your life.

  3. I hope you are feeling a whole lot better now...sorry, I got distracted by all those wonderful pies in the sidebar, who needs mussels when you can eat pie? Ming Ming was delighted with your comment, she'd worked really hard on that post - so thank you.x

  4. What a bummer! I hope you are feeling better now.

  5. Oh my heart goes out to you! FYI I once ate a bad clam and the result is I am now allergic to them(violently) Apparently something can happen where your body forever responds to the shellfish as though you are being poisoned. You may want to research the possibility of this before venturing into mussels again! Stay well!

  6. Oh no! This happens to John every now and then with clams at a certain place he loves quite well. I am not ever going to have this problem because I only eat mayonnaise with a lobster dragged through it for good measure. Haddock's my choice of sea food.


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