15 June 2014

Simple Elegance ...and Father's Day

This is how I woke up this morning ... six perfect fresh strawberries sitting on the counter top, a sunny Sunday morning - brand new and waiting for me on the back porch, and soft vanilla yogurt chilled in the fridge.

It's Father's Day ... and my sweet husband and father of our three sprouts has paced out the acreage, checked on the lettuce greens and the Swiss chard, picked these berries to cheer me up, and poked around the flower beds. He was up at dawn, as usual ...

I have brewed coffee ... and patted the dog's heads ... and puttered about the kitchen a bit. Opposites DO attract, don't they? Now, it's time to sit in the sun and slice those berries into the yogurt, and think about the day and memories and such ...

The strawberries match my house robe ... hmmm. Perhaps I should title this one self portrait with berries ...

Happy Father's Day to all ... cherish the day, the men in your life, the memories of those gone... and hopefully, the sunshine !

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