30 July 2015

Summertime Fare ... Swordfish with Mango Salsa

I'd dearly love to pass the recipe on for this Branzino we had on vacation ... but I was the lazy slug sipping wine and paying no attention to the preparation of the fish other than watching Seth slash the sides and slice lemons prior to the grilling process.

Don't know how long they were grilled, but they were really good, other than the bones that made you pay attention while forking the pure white flesh off the carcass ! AND ... they're such pretty fish!

But wait !

I'm posting my annual swordfish meal - something equally easy and so full of spicy color ! Look !!!

I came home from a Fire Island beach vacation with a super yen for more seafood. Between the superb grilled Branzino, a stellar dish of Portuguese clams and chorizo, a killer dish of curried shrimp, and a so-so platter of fried calamari, I still haven't had enough of summertime seafood. So, here I am one day back from vacation and coming through the door with some beautiful swordfish.

These two steaks were just beautiful ... I sprinkled some sweet paprika, a tiny bit of smoked paprika, Kosher salt and black pepper, drizzled them with olive oil and a bit of dry white wine. Marinated for about a half hour, they were ready for a hot grill pan.

The mango salsa has one mango, about a half cup of minced purple onion, the juice of one lime, a big handful of minced flat leaf parsley, a small handful of minced cilantro, and about a half of a super spicy red chili minced. Toss the salsa together and let it macerate while the swordfish marinates.

When you want to eat, get a grill pan super hot. Spritz the grill pan with olive oil spray and set the steaks on the pan. Don't touch them for about three minutes. Then, flip them and leave them for another three to four minutes. I buy thick steaks that are over an inch thick. You'll need to judge the time to turn ... when the edge of the steak that doesn't have the skin on it is browning at the edge and pink at the center, turn it. Then, watch it. It should just be exuding juices that are congealing at the edge of the steak. That's when you remove it from the heat and use a large pan cover to sit right down over the steaks. Let them rest for two or three minutes.

Plate them and place some of the salsa over them. Voila! We had ours with buttery corn on the cob, steamed green beans, and a cold tomato salad. Perfect summer fare!

And now ... some photos from Sara's and my vacation in Kismet, NY ... a small beach community on Fire Island.

Sunset From the Kismet Ferry Landing

Beaches and Solitude 

A Glass of Wine, A Good Book, A Beach Chair ... and Sunblock !

A Different View Every Sunset ...

Incredible Heat and Humidity ... Even on the Beach

Sandcastles and Seashells

Dunes and the Ubiquitous Lighthouse ... 

Another Stellar Sunset ...

One Final Walk to the Beach ...

Vacation is Kaput ... Boo Hoo !

Two Less Beach Bums on the Beach Today ... Dang!

Photo Credit: Sara Lindquist

Figuring A Way to Stay ...

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