29 April 2010

Blog Awards ... Nice Nods!

I once commented to someone that blogging is more than playing around with the computer. It's sharing your passion and interests with the world-at-large, honing your writing skills, learning more each day about the technology of the Internet, practicing with photography, and hoping that someone reads and admires a bit of what you've done. If that doesn't happen, than you just have to accept that your interest and efforts are enough for you, yourself, and you. There is, after all, something to be said for self-actualization.

Which leads me to a bit of thanks. While I was off puttering about in Germany with Silent Bob and friends, one of my Internet acquaintances paid me a wonderful compliment... an award,  I would never have expected. To boot, it's called The Sunshine Award ... just what the doctor ordered for this time of year when we all crave sunshine and flowers! Thank-you Lizzy! I'd like you to know that I thought of you as I flew over the Netherlands to and fro!

You know? The further you get into this blogging thing, the more you look around at what other folks are doing. Because I'm a food blogger, I tend to concentrate on the hundreds of food blogs out there in cyberspace. It's amazing to see the different perspectives that others have on the world of cooking. We all take different paths in life and find different sources of inspiration. There are a few Internet places that I return to over and over to check in and see what's cooking and what has inspired that blogger to write. Take a look for yourself. I cringe at sending out an award to some of the more polished bloggers ... who am I, lowly beginner that I am to judge them? BUT! BUT! My take is that an award is much more than a comment ... it indicates more than a quick 'hi-de-ho' on one particular post. I read your work, I look at your design, I think over your posts, and I acknowledge your efforts ... take it for what it's worth! You rank, in my book! I hope you keep at it!

So ... a few of my frequent Internet stops ...

My Hungry Tum  - Isn't it the coolest idea in the world to do a virtual tour of the world and educate your readers abit about the history of the country and ... and include a popular recipe that gives an indication of the national cuisine? Check our Eric's site. He has been doing a fabulous job of giving his readers an around the world culinary tour.

A Bit of Butter - Alison has a thing for vintage cook books and all things retro when it comes to dishes, furnishings, and cooking. I love it because it takes me back to my childhood (Oh shit, I've just dated myself!). I love her scans of old recipes and cook book photos, posts that honor old recipes that she has found, accounts of her visits to flea markets and estate sales, and photos that bring older recipes to life for younger readers.

Trissalicious - This young lady is a stellar cook with an eye for photography and the skills that come from a family history in the restaurant biz. Her posts are a pleasure for the eye and an inspiration to create beautiful and tasty food from soup to nuts.

Serendipity - What's better than to watch life through the eyes of  an American ex-pat who has moved from the busy, busy life of the American business world to the countryside of Belgium and a life of language education, discovering Europe's nooks and crannies, and exploring its cuisine. The photos look great, too!

The Pear Tree - All things Madrid ... and I do love Madrid. All through the eyes of a young  ex-pat couple living there. Beautiful photography and intriguing posts.

La Mom - Tales of an American Mom Living in Paris, France - Here's a lady with an attitude and sense of humor. Her take on life in Paris and the foibles of the Frenchies is hoot! Add a little music for atmosphere and you've got a nice dose of  'ooh la la' to dress up your morning coffee and croissant.


  1. Oh, thanks so much for the 'shout out!' I'm just glad someone in internet-land is enjoying my posts!

  2. Susan, thanks for the award! And for some new blogs. I'm honored to be in this group. We're off again for a road trip--are you coming along?

  3. I'd like to echo "A Bit of Butter's" post. Thanks so much for the mention. Keep up the good work! Thanks again

  4. Hi Susan, I really appreciate you including me and also for being such a staunch supporter of "The Adventure". I never dreamed it would come to this. I just thought it was a cool idea and would be a fun experience. Your support along the road has been a constant source of strength on the days I want to get some "shore leave"! :)

    On a side note, to a Bit of Butter, I just inherited a cookbook from 1887 from the White House. Full of Classics as cooked by past White House Chefs. Absolutely fascinating!!!

    Warmest Regards,

  5. Hi Susan, I am truly humbled and grateful! Thank you very much for your kind words. I don't think I have ever been more proud of blogging than after reading your comments! On another note, YOU also deserve your award Susan. Your blog is such a happy place - yes definitely the Sunshine award is fitting! Congratulations!


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