14 April 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Today, I have been challenged to learn to use my friends Gundel and Wichard's European keyboard in order to communicate this short post! There are umlauts and different special symbols, and Euro signs as well as dollar signs mixed up with all the other letters!  Mix this slight confusion with jetlag and ... wow! No wonder my eyes are squirrelly!

Gundel met us at the airport in Frankfurt and helped us settle into our room in her home, then served a wonderfully fresh Spring luncheon ... a green salad and fingerling potatoes and hardboiled eggs served with Frankfurter Grune Soße - a fresh, tart, white sauce made from quark, a bit of mayonaisse, a bit of plain yogurt, and many fresh green herbs( parsley, borage, sprouts, watercress, and some I am unfamiliar with). Light and delicious ... a true regional Spring favorite!

Pictures will have to wait until I'm not so tired ... until then, Wiedersehen!


  1. I hope you're having a great time on your trip! I've passed on a little blog award to you. Cheers!


  2. Sweet Lizzy! Thanks for following and thanks for the nod! Can't wait to get home to post pictures and bring some good travel stories to readers... ash cloud be damned! We have traveled to Dresden and Prague and have had a great time! Spring is pretty in the countryside of Germany's Odenwald!


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