26 April 2010

Sunday in the Odenwald

Early yesterday morning , Gundel took Silent Bob and I on a lovely walk through the farmland outside Weinheim.  Trixie, Gundel's sweet wolfhound mix, needed a run and we needed to walk off the Cream of Asparagus soup, Schnitzel and fixings, and Weizen beer that we'd knoshed on Saturday night ...

It seemed that the entire village of Obermumbach  had ditched church and headed for the hills! A festive atmosphere reigned on the trails above the village. Folks with their dogs, young couples towing children in wagons, old couples strolling the hills and stopping every so often to rest on wayside benches, even young teens walking with their grandparents, groups of bicyclers riding the trails, a couple of horseback riders clopping along at a slow pace ... everyone was out in their shirtsleeves to enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes. 'Guten tag!', 'Morgen! (insert singsong tone to voice on this one)' are typical greetings shared with any and all you meet on the way when out for a stroll... so chipper ... and the beauty of the morning jumpstarted everyone's enthusiasm!

We walked for perhaps 7 km along trails that wound through beautiful farmland and ended up seeing deer bounding up through the back pastures of one farm. The resident cows flicked their tails and paid little attention to neither passing deer or wanderers. Apple and cherry blossoms let loose snow petals that showered the trails and meadows. Their were millions of dandelions (Löwenzahn - Lion teeth, here!), wild mustard, violets, and wild chives blanketing the fields. Bliss... truly!

It really is a wonderful time of year to be in Germany!

Alas, we fly back in another day, so it will be farewell to friends and acquaintances that we've had such fun reconnecting with over the past couple weeks ... today, SB and I took a sentimental journey on the Eisenbahn to Hochensachsen and Schriesheim to visit our old digs and hit the local winery for some good Grauen Burgunder , Spätburgunder, and Reisling ... the wines of Die Badische Weinstraße in Germany are light and fruity and are perfect for some of the Spring vegetables that will be coming into the farmers markets when we get back to New Hampshire. We will have a few nights of food and drink memories from Baden-Wurttenberg when we pop those corks! I have taken some of the best recipes from my friend Gundel's kitchen and will try to replicate them when we get home ... Linzer Torte, Maultaschen in Beef Broth with Krauter, and Tagliatelli with Grilled Shrimp in a Creamy Curry Sauce are three of my choices from all the wonderful food that we sampled on this trip... stay tuned!

The ash cloud is a part of history (how strange was that?) and Silent Bob and I are on our way home!

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  1. Wow, you wrote that so beautifully that I felt I was there with you! It sounds so wonderful. I love the countryside! I hope you and SB have a safe trip home!


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