11 May 2010

An Aside ... More on Raw Milk.

It seems the Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture has become concerned about 'buying clubs' that are springing up around farms that are producing  and selling raw milk. Read on here... where there's a will, the consumer will find a way. To me it seems a bit foolish to limit buying clubs ...folks will just 'go underground' and then the state loses its ability to monitor any potential problems should they arise ... what do you think?


  1. The government has a real knack for creating a black market where none previously existed. Given the financial woes of every state in the nation, you would expect state governments to be trying to get a piece of the pie (i.e. taxes on product sold through such buying clubs) rather than trying to shut them down. As you suggest this action will just drive the behavior underground.
    Additionally, it seems to me that it is in such small groups that the free market works best to ensure product safety. Let one child in the community get sick and that farmer's raw milk club would be out of business. No FDA recall required.


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