23 August 2010

Buttermilk Squash Soup - Courtesy of Heidi

the inside of my market basket

So... I was driving home from visiting my Mom and Dad in New York State and I was wondering what to cook for my dear friend, Diane who was, simultaneously,  headed to the grey cottage on the hill. It was a bright blue day, sunny and dry, late summer at its best. The road curved through gorgeous farm country on the border of New York and Vermont, so I stopped and took a look at the fare at two farmstands.

When I opened the car door at the first farmstand, I saw the farmer was up in his field cutting hay ... God, what a wonderful smell! His daughters were tending the stand and as I approached,  I saw a shelf full of  'all things summer' !  Hmmm... onions, summer squash,  'Butter and Sugar' corn on the cob, green beans. That made a good start, I thought, making the buy.  They had no herbs, though,  so I moved on.

Right on the border of Vermont, I happened upon a beautiful brick farmhouse with adjoining gardens and an open stand. I lucked into nice chives, a nice potted basil plant, and some new potatoes. That soup I bookmarked from Heidi Swanson's site 101 Cookbooks  had been in the back of my mind from the moment I saw the summer squash at the first stand.  I grabbed the taters and herbs and motored on toward home, hoping that I'd remembered all the soup ingredients.

Let's flash forward a few hours. I managed to get a peach/blueberry pie in the oven and Diane ended up helping me make the soup. We made flatbreads to go with the soup and while the dough was rising, we ran for lobsters to boil and ice cream for the pie ... true summer fare! My son Eric came to help us knosh ... and shuck the corn! What a nice evening!

The upshot is that Diane vowed to go home and join the blog as a follower and asked me to PLEASE!! post the soup recipe. So... with a gigantic bow to Heidi Swanson and her website ...

Diane, the recipe is at the link for 101 Cookbooks right up above!  Love you, friend! Come visit again so we can cook together and chat!


  1. That sounds fun and like a delicious meal! I want a slice of your pie too!

  2. Wow! I just checked out the recipe....sounds heavenly! Was it?

  3. wow... lovely soup. I also made soup yesterday with freshly picked carrots... must have been something in the air!

  4. Susan @ Lizzy24/8/10 7:24 AM

    That soup was so delicious! Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical of the combination of potatoes and squash, but when you swirl that cumin butter into it and add the chives it brings the sweetness of the squash and the smoothness of the potatoes into a really good place! And the buttermilk adds something too!

  5. Hehe I bet anything would be good with cumin butter poured on it! But this soup just looks amazing!


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