04 August 2010

A New Pie ... A Cool Pie!

Summertime is all about cool desserts ... right? Look at this! Perfect white peaches! A white peach cream pie with a sugary butter-based pastry shell. ... comin' up! I'm also making a jug of suntea and spiking it with mint, a touch of apricot brandy, and plenty of crushed ice. Later, we will have a dessert fit for a king!

This recipe comes from a blogging chef from Australia ... Trissa at Trissalicious . Her Mango Cream Pie was such a temptation that I looked around our kitchen and decided to adapt the recipe, as she suggested to peaches. I happen to have some pretty little white peaches that I picked up at the farmstand in Antrim the other day. They have ripened and are prime for a delicate treatment!

So... here comes a lovely dessert! Want to come to tea?

Low budget pie weights ... too bad I didn't line the bottom with foil before putting in the beans... I ended up picking the beans VERY CAREFULLY from the bottom before finishing the pie crust in a 400 degree F oven.

The golden crust has to cool thoroughly and then, you whip the cream and form the cool peach filling.  I tossed the peaches with a couple teaspoons of apricot brandy to keep them from browning. Chill the filled pie while you make the meringue topping and then chill the meringue before spreading on the top of the pie.


Run the cold pie under a broiler to toast the meringue and then back in the fridge until dessert time!


Enjoy these wonderful blogs ... I am inspired by both!


  1. Thank you Susan for trying out the Pie! My grandmother would be absolutely thrilled!! I'm sending your site to my Mom now as well!

  2. You know me! I could never make this pie, but I sure would go to the party that had it as dessert!


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