05 August 2010

One Hundred Plus Posts ... Hmmm!

Red Balloon - Paul Klee

So I was thinking about The Spice Garden today ... I've been at this blog for a good while and it occurred to me that I've long since past the  '100 post mark'. One would celebrate one's 100th birthday, 100th customer, 100th day without lighting up a smoke ... you get the idea. Yet, I missed the boat on the 100th post.  Time has flown for me in the kitchen and at the keyboard ... howwwww did that happen?

I just don't know! Honestly,  I've been so enthralled with learning the technology of blogging, writing posts that are semi-literate, learning a bit about my digital camera and taking the pictures, looking at others' recipes and work, researching ingredients and different cuisines, cooking up my favorites (or what's been on special at the market), making some fun blogger friends, and wishing that I had an unlimited budget for new and interesting plates and dishes for the staging end of things that the 100th post went right by the wayside!

In times past, my children called me 'the nettard' because I was slow to accept anything new technology-wise. I went to school and college during a time when computers and cellphones were NOT part of the everyday routine. My camera experience was limited to a wonderful old 35mm SLR that I borrowed from Dad,  my computer experience in college was non-existent. My interests were always in the arts and literature, but I bowed to the job market and parental expectations and worked in helping professions all my professional life --- teaching special needs adolescents and later teaching in public schools. How did that ever get me ready for the explosion of technology that occurred in the 90's? It didn't ... it took a stint in graduate school to bring me into the 21st century. It was a rude awakening, but I got the idea and haven't stopped learning the 'techno and cyber -ropes' since that first computer tech class. This fall, I'm hoping to take a class in digital photography ... we'll see what the budget can take.

Which brings me back to The Spice Garden ...my knowledge of the Internet continues to grow, my cook book collection has overflowed my pantry shelf and is becoming a pile to be reckoned with, and my enthusiasm for foodblogging only increases. I've visited so many interesting and creative sites and have contemplated so many different posts that it has put me into a kind of reflective mood of late.  I've decided that blogging is as much a sharing thing as an internal voyage one takes and I'm happy that I have the time to devote to this little voyage of discovery. I'll continue to cruise the blogs for inspiration and learn as I go further into the garden. And in the meantime, I'll save my big celebration for one of two things ... the 1 year mark of doing this thing called blogging OR the 100th follower to join the ranks of Spice Garden.

Thanks for reading and commenting! And ... for the record. May 25th 2010 ... that was the 100th post. Woot! Woot! Maybe it's okay to have a small celebration ... one balloon ... that's not too much hot air or hoopla! It's been a fun ride so far ... and tonight, it's beer and pizza and cruising the 'Net!

Note: I originally had a lovely photo of a red balloon in a natural setting illustrating this post, but it occurred to me that I might be breaking some copyright law ... so I'm going with a dead artist with a painting in a museum collection ... the Guggenheim, to be exact. Hope this keeps me legal...

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