05 October 2010

Potatoes Gratin With Garlic and Thyme

A while ago, Sprout Sara called to say that she'd made this potato recipe that I'd included in her family cookbook. She was complaining a bit because this recipe has a looser sauce than another escalloped potato recipe that we also make here at the grey cottage. Poor dear, she made the wrong recipe for her cheesy potato yearning and when I reminded her that there are two gooey potato recipes, she whacked the side of her head and said, "Dang!".

Well, I've been thinking about this recipe and last night I played with the measurements and got a better sauce for my  little sprout ... because I love her and don't want her to dis this recipe just because of a loose sauce.  While I was making dinner, I was also thinking about a blogger on the Web who had commented on the fact that she eats a lot of potatoes and would welcome ideas for cooking them, so here you go, Brownieville Girl !

Potatoes Gratin - printer friendly


  1. great recipe, I bet it's very rich and creamy. I make a similar version but layer with sweet potato as well... delicious!

  2. I love potatoes and thyme, this dish looks very tasty!


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