14 October 2010

Two Words ...

chocolate ... butter

gooey goodness

crushed hazelnuts

flour ... sugar

oven ready

nutella icing

sugar high


  1. Why have I never thought of putting nutella on top of a brownie? Sheer genius! Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

  2. Omg, yum! I love Nutella. Eat it every morning on my toast :-) Guess I should slather some on a brownie too. Heaven!

  3. wow... genius... again! I assume you've made these for the 'we should cocoa' blog competition, if not, you should enter them anyway as I'm sure you'd win! Here's the link: http://choclogblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/we-should-cocoa-october-challenge.html x

  4. @ Dom - You are too kind. I am just getting over the sugar high from dessert last evening. Today, SB and I thought we'd add insult to injury by having a Nutella Brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream and more of that yummy mocha whipped cream ... Perhaps I'll enter the event if we survive! ;-)

  5. If I could I would live inside a Nutella jar. My mouth is watering.

  6. Kate Lindquist28/10/10 9:23 PM

    Yum, Nutella. Mom, did you ever find or develop a good recipe for warm date cake?


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