27 January 2011

A Classic Recipe ... Warm Pear Crisp

Sometimes you just want a simple homey dessert for that evening cuppa. Sometimes one should listen to one's inner voice when it whispers. Go to the tried and true and work up a classic.

Pear Crisp - printer friendly

I could not pass by the pears in the market yesterday. There was a pile of Bosc that looked quite forlorn ... dead ripe and a bit bruised. Poor things. They were drastically reduced in price, so I picked up several for  immediate knoshing and a pear crisp. After a peel and trim, they looked just fine, thank you. Super juicy and semi-soft. I used my good old Betty Crocker Cook Book and went straight to the apple crisp recipe to use as a base for my pear crisp.

A while back, I made a crisp in which I mixed pears and apples. It was really good, but today I have only pears ... and this Birnenwasser - a grappa-like liquor made from pears that I got from a German friend. And I'm craving a crisp. So, after buttering the small baking dish, I layered the pears, sprinkled some light brown sugar and about two generous tablespoons of the Obstwasser (fruitwater) over the pears before topping with a classic crisp mix of brown sugar, flour, oats, spices, and butter.

I like almonds and pears in combination, so there are some slivered almonds pressed into the top of the crust. I have some candied almond slivers to garnish a whipped cream topping for the dessert. And there you are, happy pears in a pretty dessert.

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Once again, Lisa has asked me to include this on her Sweets for Saturday Blog event ... just click the link below to check out her site.


  1. I so want to live at your house. Yum!! I love pears and usually buy the red variety. Another recipe for my to make list.

  2. Yummy! I see the Obstwasser!

  3. Ooh, sounds perfect for a snowy winter evening! Sometimes homey desserts are the best. I also love the glimpses of your gorgeous tea service in the photos. :)

  4. I love the way you rescued those pears... so sweet... is this like what we'd call a crumble in the UK?... looks good anyway!

  5. @ Dom - Yes! That's a crumble or a crisp, but not a pan dowdy or a buckle or a slump! Crazy huh? They're all baked desserts with fruit on the bottom and some sort of flour, nuts, oats, whatever sweet concoction atop, but regional names come into play!

  6. Oh this looks soooo gooooood! It would hit the spot! I have been craving an apple crisp for a while now and I have not had a chance to make it. But after seeing this, I will find the time... can't wait to have some.

  7. Warm desserts are so comforting. They just make you feel so good inside your tummy. I hope you'll come back and link this up at Sweets for a Saturday #2.


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