17 January 2011

Friends Helping Friends ...

"Whatever the hand may find to do, let the heart go forth in union."

Image - Oddfellows Heart In Hand staff circa 1920

Just very quickly, folks! I have a blogging friend named Trissa who blogs from Australia. With her permission, I'm passing this post on to you ...please read and do as your heart dictates.

Brisbane and a huge swath of Queensland have been devastated by mass flooding. If you've watched TV or listened to radio in the past two weeks, you've seen some of the heartbreaking stories surrounding this natural disaster. We, in cyberspace, can do much to pass info along and provide links for effectively helping where we can. I urge you to check out Trissa's post. Thanks, friends!

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  1. How lovely of you to share this. Yes, I am quite aware of the Queensland flooding - but because of so many bloggers who are raising awareness about it!


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