09 January 2011

Crackers! A Dedication to Heather @ Pretty Peas ...

Her crackers looked SOOOO good ... SOOO tempting ... that I took a bit of my Sunday afternoon and duplicated her recipe. Please send any comments or kudos to Heather!

Silent Bob and I had a VERY late night last night ... the last of the holiday parties. Too much brew and too much rich food., which leads me to a question. What do YOU have when you have overindulged, are morning sick with baby in utero, suffering from stomach bug, whatever?  I usually suck down water and eat crackers. 

When I got home from said debauchery, I headed straight for the couch and some passive entertainment. I cruised the Net and found (among other things) Pretty Peas' weekend offering (while I nursed a big glass of water). It was kismet. I sent off a 'comment', made the dough, put it in the fridge to chill, and crashed on the couch for a bit. Roused myself to roll and bake, cut some excellent local cheese and poured some red wine (please don't judge me!). Then, we watched a football game ... ahhh Sunday afternoon during playoff season!


  1. SO glad to hear you loved them, Susan!! Yours look beautiful.

  2. Crackers sound yummy. I watched football too this afternoon, but hate when the Pat's aren't playing.

  3. @ FBMKW - I know! I was all ready to crash in front of a Pat's game and all I got was the Baltimore game ... oh well!

  4. How right you are! Lots of water is my remedy for those times when I eat everything in sight. Then I try to eat very simple for several days. Easier said than done this time of year when there are lingering delicacies every where!!! Divine looking crackers by the way!

  5. Sprout Sara10/1/11 9:03 PM

    A very smart woman once told me, "You play, You PAY!"

  6. Homemade crackers and cheese. Yum!! Thanks for linking up on Monday. This is exactly the kind of support I was hoping for. Now I am off to visit "pretty peas."


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